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The Art of John Gray


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Life Paintings

All of John's paintings have figures as subject, but he does not use models for them, rather he invents and improvises creating the figures for each painting from his imagination. His imagination however, is informed by years of life painting and drawing and these life paintings are some of the work done by him at the weekly life class at the Riverbank Studios over the past 20 years.

The time limit imposed by the life class, about two hours, has demanded a medium that is quick and fluid so John has used mostly oil and sometimes pastel to achieve in the small scale studies a vivacious and exited paint surface, that transfers to his major works.

Back View

Back View Jane

Jane Summer


Orange Clip

Red Stool


Sleeper One

Sleeper Two


Joanna One

Joanna Two

Naiomi One

Naiomi Two
Naiomi Three