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The Art of John Gray


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Teasmades and the Kettle Painting

As a further development of the "Tinc" series and a continued interest in reflective surfaces, John began a new group of drawings and paintings, in which the starting point was the image of a Teasmade Kettle, in the form of a Chromium Plated Reflectve Cube.

From this John produced many small and intricate colour and surface paintings which suggested a spirituality, formally investigating the concept of turning movement, though the manipulation of colour and light.

This theme is developed in many drawings and larger paintings, including the esoteric "Highland Kettle at Sunset" where the Teasmade image floats reflectively in the wild landscape. The varied and lively impasto surfaces of "Digital" and "Green Violet" show the intensity of feeling in the series, and "Rembrants Last" which is a transposition from the master's last self portrait, give a key to the kind of transformations that take place.

Highland Kettle
at Sunset

Rembrants Last


Teasmade at
the Edge

Digital 2