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Helen Webber's CV
John Gray's CV
Art Class Times

John Gray's Edinburgh
Incident at Drumschuich Baths
Speedwalk Through the City
Portious Riot
Dance of the Apprentice 1
Dance of the Apprentice 2
Dance of the Apprentice 3
Montrose 1
Montrose 2
Montrose 3
Montrose 4
Bowed Joseph
Deacon Brodie
Nor Loch
Cowgate Bickers 1
Cowgate Bickers 2
Wizard of the West Bow 1
Wizard of the West Bow 2
Wizard of the West Bow 3

John Gray's Figures Turning
Figure Turning
Figure Looking at Painting
Francis & Me
If All Else Fails
Riverbank Heads
Piper at the Gates of Dawn

John Gray's Life Paintings
Back View Jane
Back View
Jane Summer
Joanna 1
Joanna 2
Naiomi 1
Naiomi 2
Naiomi 3
Orange Clip
Red Stool
Sleeper 1
Sleeper 2

John Gray's Tincs
Ara Tinc
Ba Tinc
He Tinc

John Gray's Photo Realism
Figure & Flowers
Interior with Boiler
Laundromat Centre
Table & Flowers
Three Piece Suite

John Gray's Teasmade
Highland Kettle at Sunset
Rembrant's Last
Teasmade at the Edge
Teasmade Digital
Teasmade Digital 2
Teasmade Swelter
Teasmade Violet & Green

Helen Webber's Buildings
Croyland Abbey
Duart Castle Calm Evening
Duart Castle Storm Threatening
Eilean Donan Castle
Rock cottage Wales
St Michel d'Aiguilhe Facade
The Blossom Tree
The Church Path

Helen Webber's Agricultural Landscapes
Daffodils Close Up
Landscape Surfleet Church
Pink and Orange
Pink Perspective
Sheep & Sprouts 3
Smoke Plume
Straw Stacks Misty Morning
Straw Wall
Summer Field
Sweet William
Winter Willow

Helen Webber's Life & Portraits
Yellow Couch

Helen Webber's Coast
Black Dog Red Frisbee
Breakwater Norfolk
Gulls & Nets
Rockpool Howick
Rocks at Colouire
Rusty Groyne
Sea & Seagulls
West Runswick Norfolk
Wet San Beneath His Feet

Helen Webber's Winter Landscapes
Castle Wales
Icy Lake Snowdonia
River Glenn 29th December
Sandringham Tree
Snow Willows
The Fox
Winter Tree
Winter Trees Surfleet

Helen Webber's Rivers & Waterfalls
Autum Reflections River Glenn
Filtered Light
High Force
Moving Water
Red Sail Ranworth Broad
Thompsons Foss

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Figures Turning
Photo Realism
Life Paintings

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Agricultural Landscape
Life & Portraits
Rivers & Waterfalls
Winter Landscapes

Helen Webber's Gallery One
Helen Webber's Gallery Two